Win32 Troubleshooting:Side-effects

When the PDE starts up, you don't see toolbar buttons in the PDE, neither in the GUI-designer ;
When you try example files, you get errors like "[ANY].dec not found".

This is a MaxBasic problem...
Installing Xbasic should be done on the root of any drive but on the root and not \xb because this directory will be automaticly created if it doesn't exist.

Xbasic relies on it's position and assumes it is installed in "drive:\xb\" If you change the location or rename the directory you put yourself into such trouble.
There will be coming a version where such worries are getting extinct.

You should not experience this problem with XBasic versions coming from SourceForge (EddieBasic).

Xbasic windows smear around when I move them across other XBasic windows and they get smeared up themselves when I move them outside the desktop.

This problem occurs in all XBasic versions in Win95 with a Plus package and Win 98 and later:
The Plus package of Win9X allows users to update the window contents while dragging.
For some reason XBasic windows don't like this feature and just start to become smudge tools instead of redrawing while being moved.
The only solution currently is to go to the desktop settings (right click desktop background and select "Properties") and you should find an "Effects" tab-page. There you have various options for nice desktop and folder animations. Also the option to update windows while dragging is there.
Uncheck that box and your problem is gone.