Win32 Troubleshooting:Installation

XBasic is published in two versions:
MaxBasic:6.xxxx, the last version is 6.0022 and is compatible up to Eddie's version of 6.1.3.
EddieBasic:6.x.y, Versions after 6.1.3 are better bugfixed and up to date than Max's 6.00022.

Each XBasic require their own kind of installations, the differences between them will be displayed here:

Has to be installed in the root-directory of a drive, the structure should look like:

Winzip can be used to unzip the the distribution file and with older archives, you could also rename the file from .ZIP extension to .EXE extension as older XBasic distributions were actually being self-extracting archives. The reason why they were called .ZIP was due to the limitation of Max Reason's host-provider not allowing direct links to .EXE files.


EddieBasic XBasic is distributed as Zip, GZip or Tar, .RPM .Exe or a combination of a couple of them.

The manual extractable archives can be extracted wherever you want, just do take care that you set the proper path values in the xbvars.bat that comes default with this package and let it be called from your autoexec.bat during startup of your Win9X environment or in WinNT / 2000 set the program properties (right mouseclick on program-icon) of XBasic in the advanced tab to set the environment variables to the proper path values that are required in the xbvars.bat.

If you use the self-extracting executable version, xbvars.bat should be automaticly set to the proper paths. In WinNT / 2000 you still need to make a change to the program properties to have the xbvars.bat called or have it's environment variables set.