Win32 Troubleshooting:Crashes

Crashing during attempts to start the XBasic PDE
You can't start up xbasic at all, it crashes with a strange dialogue saying something like "Error in function XitMain()"

A quick solution could be to open up the \windows\xb.ini (on the drive where XBasic is installed!) and then set the value XIN = FALSE.
If the xb.ini is not located in your real windows directory, you have to move it to there.

This is a winsock related problem, you run an old version of windows 95 (OSR1) if this problem occurs: open up your properties option from the Start menu, select suboption configuration and then click on the system icon and look what version number is mentioned in the system info header under "Microsoft Windows 95"
If you have a version mentioned like 4.00.950B or less  (or maybe a little bit more but in this range) you need to update your dialup adapter (DUN 1.3) and you need to update your winsock driver from 1.1 to 2.0.

Go to the Microsoft win'95 download site and download the updates from the Networking section and the Networking Tools section

Eddie's version 6.1.3 or higher disables the first Xin() call which doesn't put up unaware starters with this problem anymore, though when you use Xin functionality, still Winsock 2.0 is required and XBasic will still crash when attempting to call Xin functions when having WinSock versions lower than 2.0

Crashing during programming
Xbasic sometimes has a nasty habit to crash with an error (which programming language does not?).
These errors will display in the console-window of XBasic.
In most cases you are still able to save your work and even continue working, in less funny cases Xbasic will save your current file in the form of "XB.SAV" so look for that file and rename it to something like "MyBackup.x"
In the most disasterous case it does not save your sourcefile and you won't be able to save it either.
This last case I rarely have experienced but it is never funny. Nevertheless:Make backups and save regularly.

 Illegal or exception errors that are interrupted by the windows platform itself I really only experienced once or twice and this was even in the executable shape of my code.

If you are working with 3rd party libraries better check out the guide to communicate with DLL files and if you know the basic routines, check the debugging section too.