Downloads: Tools  (1.4 MB) V2.6 The eXtended XBasic Compiler, this one compiles your sources autonomously running from the xbasic runtime. No more muddling with and xbasic.mak or whatever, comes with docs.( includes latest W2k fix and Xui ListBox, DropBox textevent abort fix.)
NEW:XRP libraries updated to 6.3.6   V2.6 If you want the source-file ot the xcompiler, this is it, included the tool that creates the .xrp archives and some pretty detailed documentation about the XBasic libraries and their dependancies. These are the starting ingredients for a more advanced compiler.    The modified Standalone Executable Macro used to generate your MySource.Mak file for integrating the XB.DLL into your executable (Max's versions only: V6.00##).

MakeDef   A small .DEF generator in case you need to make a .LIB file from a DLL which originally didn't came with the package. Ken Minoque's DLL analyser and LIB-tool GUI. Borland's Implib tool (to create libfiles from DLL's)  A resource editor for XBasic (Win32) done by Kris Dawson (Link)  XBasic OpenGl Development kit (Win32) done by Kris Dawson

The Xin Package  FTP, SMTP and HTTP demonstrations of the Xin module.

UPX (Link)  A versatile executable packer, multiplatform and various executable extensions.

WinSock2 (Link) Update your winsock 1.X to 2.0, which is required to be able to use the Xin. Some of the older XBasic versions even crash without it.