External resources


General XBasic related links

XBasic HQ This is the general link site, here you can go to various other sites and get some extra tools.

MaxBasic The original site where XBasic got born (and more or less died the way it was developed)

EddieBasic The current site that offers the latest updates (and is still in progress)

XBasic download Mirror A mirror site mirroring both MaxBasic and EddieBasic

Examples, support and foreign sites

XBNotes  English site (mainly win32 focussed) covering more and deeper details around communicating with DLL files, using resources into executables.

The Cavac   German site with various examples

XBDe Another German site (also English) though not so much active links there, seems dead.

Programmation XBasic  French XBasic site

Le site Du Basic et XBasic Another site also supporting XBasic

The ABC archives A big site containing a mass of source-code from various Basic languages (including XBasic)

The XBasic webring It's what it says, the XBasic webring. If you have a site, please don't hesitate to join it.