Downloads: Examples The Radio button example that illustrates how to use TWO separate sets of radio buttons that won't interfere with eachother as being seen as one group, also this pack contains an example to demonstrate the use of XuiGetEnclosedGrids(). Example to demonstrate the use of GetNextField() and GetNextItem() functions  A small test file to demonstrate the use of the WheelMouse messages.  A window-file with just a list box in it, it comes for the small enhancement tutor on the Hints page about changing values and assets before displaying anything.  Demonstrates a reroute of the ALT-arrow key functionality to the windows inhabited TAB / Shift tab switch also demonstrates autofocus of windows to send windowmessages to and it demonstrates setting initial states to radiobuttons / checkboxes for default startup values.  Demonstrates how to toggle array-variables by touching tip-buttons.  Demonstrates user defined Modal windows in a GUI environment (Not using convenience functions). There is a convenience function that behaves modal but in a Gui-program environment it is a bit harder to set a window modal, this one demonstrates the #GetModalInfo message Demonstrates sharing variables to interact between various GUI windows and how to efficiently use one window for more purposes by changing aspects. This one loads and saves text-files into a text area and uses one general input dialogue for either openening the file or saving the file.

Graphical demonstration programs


Smiley Bitmap picture for the my-first-program tutor.

QB2XBX.ZIP An unfinished project to convert QB to XB. Currently it only neats up QB code, for me doing this project was a good way to explore and get accustomed to XB.