Who to contact?
There might be specific persons you want to contact; Suggestions and ideas are always welcome, however please consider going through the following procedures before asking problem-related questions:

If you are absolutely sure that you have an XBasic related question that has no existing answer, fire your question to the XBasic community;

To reach the main target address to mail to with questions regarding XBasic, it is best to subscribe yourself to the Yahoogroups archive.


You will then be able to send XBasic related questions to
You will receive mail from the same address. If you don't want to receive a digest mailing or individual mailings, go to the site, create a yahoo ID and then sign in.
Go to the following address:

There you can set your options of how mail is delivered:

Message Delivery

Select the last one if you don't want to receive email. You can then still send mail to the archive under your own name but you have to read the replies online


You will be removed from the mailinglist and you can be sure you will not receive any XBasic groupmail anymore, however your Yahoo-ID remains intact.