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Old news:
It's now over a year I had this stupid crash that made me lost the code back then.
The past week I had the macabre time (in a very sick condition) to recover 95% of the plus edition in it's functionality.
The plusedition has been slipped into a .DLL jacket so this means that needing to download two executables has become a thing of the past.


Long time ago but finally a new update V2.0023.
I had a fixed version ready in early January but no possibility to put a distributable binary version online yet.
What's new?
Nothing too much added but most bugs have been fixed and a slight speed improvement in a couple of routines.

It seems we have a new sid-related tool online called SIDManager...
For those eagerly intrested in trying something else can try to go to this site:

Though at this moment it is in it's starting stadium (expect a couple of problems with V1.1) and has yet no search facilities.
Sooner or later this will be a good concurrent in Win32, though since it's Visual Basic, it is not portable to Linux without too much hassle.

Long time no change....Most likely the author died or lacks time to do something with the project.
Well since I'm not dead I must be lacking time. Yes indeed, my spare time decreased to one pair hours for eating and enjoying the rest of it so I don't have really the spirit to do something about the current state of SidBace probably the rest of this year.

I hope to have a new update beginning next year and maybe a bug-fix release of the V2.0022 version.
I posted some new found bugs on the update history page to let you know the bug-status of the current available version of the Normal edition.
Hold on, the end is still not near.

"File not found" on sidbace.8m.com

I have an idea Freeservers is running some kind of no MP3 policy at least any filepackage larger than 512KB is not allowed.

Okay, the example resource is now split from the original file...

As you noticed, the webprovider site is down now and then, for me this also means I can't update it either, I made a new mirror:
http://SidBace.8m.com, you can now forget about webprovider as it will fade away to oblivion.
For those who downloaded the version I posted yesterday, some nasty bug crawled into the STIL code for some strange reason something that always worked started to fail so I had to fix a couple of extra lines to get rid of that one.

Long awaited (specially for those who permanently traded their V2.0021 for the Beta) the major update is posted online. A couple of add-ons extra and some small fixes here and there and the total executable size shrink below 260KB.

Long time nothing, it's about time I get up with an update.
This time I release a Beta version, the usual stuff works with a couple of improvements and upgrades, the Beta part is the color configurator.
For those who were just avoiding SidBace because of the ugly color configuration will slowely loose that excuse the upcoming period.

The HVSC Database files have been updated to V3.5
For so far the archive update ran without serious problems neither does the new NAME field add-on I added early March this year. (Besides the update window not disappearing) Also the mailing addresses to the sidbase side are solved, as of today your mail should not be bounced if you supply feedback to me by either bug@sidbace.8m.com or port@sidbace.8m.com.

I dropped my Alladvantage banner program since they decided to raise the minimum payout amount without raising the browse limit. I traded it for a company that pays not only more but also for message sending and even pays for being offline.They start May 1st and they even deposit payments on your bankaccount using swift-code transaction numbers. Let's just try the effort and signup by clicking the banner below

A new update has been released to support the new STIL field.
Downloading this update is a nessesary evil to prevent SidBace from crashing upon STIL entries using this field.

Bad news ...
In one of my stupidity actions I lost my developing environment partition, in the last chance I had to make backup of the most important stuff, windows decided to spoil my last chance and hang.

The more nice news is that my recent backup was corrupted which brings me back to the last and only source left that I released here online.

The Plus version will run against extreme back-log of release of which the assembly routine was 40% active, it will remain stuck at V2.0019 for a big while until I have rebuilded everything. 

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