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SIDManager has two purposes: firstly, to bring all the information about the SIDTunes in your collection (particularly HVSC) into one place so that it can be easily viewed and manipulated; and secondly, to allow you to listen to the SIDTunes you want to, when you want to, by making it simple and easy to generate PlayLists that can be used with SIDPlay/w. And because PlayLists can be sent straight to SIDPlay to be played immediately, SIDManager can be used as the main interface whenever you listen to SIDPlay. Your SIDTune listening sessions need never be the same again.

James Burrows

GameBase 64 application

  For gamebase64 v2.0 (to be released very soon), I have more tightly
  incorporated the HVSid collection.  There is an update wizard for HVSid
  updates and also a playlist utility called SIDJuke.  You can now view ALL
  the sids in the collection in one view or view them across sub views,
  however you like.  Also, you can choose your sidplayer (sidplay/w, residplay
  or sidamp).

Lala (Imre Olajos Jr.)

STIL View application

  Seeing your SidBace thingy, the concept is similar, but with Perl I would be
  able to carry it even further. My SID browser is pure vaporware as of now, but
  I will start working on it shortly.


Other sources:

HVSC collection (Over 13.000 sidfiles!)

SidPlay homepage (Lots of info about the MOS6581 too!)

Download SidPlay for Windows


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