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Last Updated:
October. 28th 2002

Latest version:
Normal V2.0027
Plus plugin: V1.2003


The songlength database has been updated.
Also I have uploaded the tool I use to convert the HVSC songlength database. View the readme.txt and the locations.ini for details.

The songlengths-database has been updated.
The RSID files are not yet supported, but that's currently not in my power to fix, still most of the newer songs are there.
Owh, the songlengths-database is effective in the play-list, the song-time will adjust to non-zero as soon as you play a song in the list.
If the value remains zero, this will probably be an RSID song.

Minory update for PSIDv2NG support.
This support is only to accept RSID headers and have thos sid-files been included into the databases, but currently the new binary data is not yet supported.
Note that SidCenter will not load the new format sidfiles yet.
Also, i noticed that the update-tool alters filenames after they have been processed. This means that if you created a database specified on the release, some tunes won't be played because the file could not be found. I have done some trick to circumvent this.
This trick however will not fix unfound files for older releases ofcourse:Mostly these problems are due to credit-fixes and related file-movements to the proper author directories.
Progress with SidBace at this moment is like sucking fat shit through a straw currently but it does not make this project dead yet :)

A minory update with a lot of fixes.
The plugin has a resizable monitor-window and comes with upper and lowercase CBM64 fontset.
Just copy the fonts to your \windows\fonts dir and it should work out fine.

SidBace 2 Sourceforge
Yeps, the Sidbace pages hosted on freeservers are no more.

A major release today with some new features, check the update section in the
About page what is new and what is fixed

Also the screenshots were ready for an update so that's what's done.
As of today the Help documentation comes along in HTML form with images.
A new reource file has been added to the download collection:Skymap.

A minor update of the Plus plugin:
Two bugfixes and two changes / adds.
Read the about
latest changes.

older news

SidBace, home of the C64 music-file organizer since 1997




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